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Get Your Teaching Degree near Woodhaven NY 11421

How to Enroll in an Education Degree Program near Woodhaven 11421

Woodhaven NY teacher standing at blackboardOne of the most important decisions that you can make when entering the teaching profession is to choose the right teaching degree program near Woodhaven NY. And because it is such a critical decision, high school graduates or future graduates must carefully evaluate the schools they are interested in attending. It is not enough to base a decision on proximity to your residence or the cost of tuition, although these are relevant factors to take into consideration. There are other important questions that you must ask as well before choosing a school, which we will cover in detail later.    Prospective teachers may consider a wide range of degree programs and training options to qualify for positions that provide various levels of education to both adolescents and adults. And in order to pursue a teaching position beyond the preschool level in the United States, teachers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree, and obtain state-issued certification or licensure.  These are qualifications that we will also cover in more detail shortly.  So first, let’s talk a little bit about the degree options that are available for aspiring educators.

Degree Programs for Educators

Woodhaven NY teacher conducting classMost of the available teaching positions in Woodhaven NY primary and secondary schools require that applicants have earned at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify. However, an individual with an interest in an entry level teaching position may qualify with just a two-year Associates Degree. The opportunities would be mostly limited to pre-school teaching positions, or positions as a teacher’s aide or a child care worker.  Following are some brief descriptions of the opportunities available for education graduates with higher degrees.

  • Bachelor’s Degree. As previously mentioned, a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree is required in order to teach kindergarten through the 12th Most Bachelor’s Degree programs for future educators require an internship to gain practical experience in the field.
  • Master’s Degree. There are two primary options available for a teaching degree, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and the Master’s in Education (M.Ed). The MAT is geared more towards those who desire a hands on teaching experience, while the M.Ed is for those with an interest in working for the education system outside of the classroom, for example in Administration.
  • Doctorate Degree. The highest degree that an educator can earn within his or her field is a Doctor of Education or a Ph.D. in Education, which is a qualification to pursue employment in academia, research, and high-level administration jobs.

Although most teaching positions in the U.S. only require an applicant to possess a four-year degree, some Woodhaven NY teachers pursue a master’s or even a doctorate degree in order to acquire a greater understanding of teaching, or to qualify for higher-paying jobs such as administrative positions.  They may even pursue a higher degree simply to earn more respect from their peers.  Depending on the degree program, a graduate student may conduct research; receive specialized training; or simply expand his or her knowledge of a specific field of teaching.

Teacher Licensing and Certification

woman attending online teaching degree school in Woodhaven NYIf you are planning on a career teaching within the Woodhaven NY public schools system, know that in the United States you will need to become licensed in New York or the State where you will be employed.  On the contrary, most private schools do not require educators to become licensed or even certified.  Licensing requirements vary by State, but typically includes passing one or more certification or skill based tests.  In most States the Praxis exams are used for certification, but some States do require their own State specific exams instead.  Each State also has continuing education or professional development requirements for teachers to renew their licenses.

Attending an Education Degree School in Woodhaven New York?

Perhaps you live near Woodhaven NY or have decided to relocate or commute to that area. Following is some interesting background information about the location of your new school campus.

Woodhaven, Queens

Woodhaven is a middle-class neighborhood located in the central section of the New York City borough of Queens. Woodhaven, once known as Woodville, has one of the greatest tree populations in the borough and is known for its proximity to the hiking trails of Forest Park.[3] Between the bustling shops and subway line of Jamaica Avenue and the quieter neighborhood that surrounds it, Woodhaven is both urban and suburban.[4][5] Its retains the small-town feel of bygone days and is home to people of many different ethnicities.[6][7]

Woodhaven is bordered on the north by the public Forest Park, and Park Lane South. Woodhaven also borders Richmond Hill to the east, and Ozone Park to the south at Atlantic Avenue. Its western border is the borough of Brooklyn.[8]

The ethnically diverse neighborhood[9] is part of Queens Community Board 9.[10] Woodhaven's ZIP Code is 11421. Woodhaven is served by New York City Department of Education School District #27 (Bounded by Nassau County on one side and Brooklyn on the other).[11]

What to Ask Teacher Education Schools

Prior to selecting a teaching degree school to enroll in, there are a few questions that you need to ask to ensure you pick the best one for your career objectives in Woodhaven NY.  As we mentioned previously, the location of the school as well as the cost are important considerations when weighing your options, but they should not be the only ones you consider.  Following are some additional questions that must be asked before making a final decision.

  • Are the Schools and Programs Accredited? Graduating from an accredited teacher college not only provides an assurance that you have received a quality education, but may also be an asset when securing that first teaching position.
  • Are the Programs Recognized by the Dept. of Education? In order to be a more sought after job candidate, make sure that the program you enroll in is recognized by the New York Department of Education, or by the State where you will be teaching.
  • Do the Programs have High Employment Rates? Find out what percentage of graduates are employed in their field, particularly in their chosen specialty, and on average how soon after graduation.
  • Does the School Offer Your Chosen Specialty? Naturally you will want to choose an education degree school that offers your chosen specialty.  Make sure that it also offers advanced degrees if you are planning on continuing your education at the graduate level.
  • Do the Programs Work with Local School Districts? Programs that work with local school districts afford their students more opportunities to secure student teaching positions.  It also gives students an opportunity to showcase their talents locally prior to pursuing teaching positions upon graduation.
  • Are Scholarships Offered? Find out if the programs you are interested in offer scholarships that can make your education more affordable and minimize the need for student loans.
  • Do the Schools Provide Licensing Exam Preparation? Graduates must become State Certified and Licensed prior to accepting any public teaching positions.  Make sure that the school you enroll in helps prepare you for the exams required by New York or the
    State where you will be employed.
  • Do the Schools Help Graduates Find Employment? Finally, once you graduate from teaching school you will no doubt be anxious to secure your first position.  Find out if the schools have job assistance programs, including job placement and interview and resume preparation programs.

Choose the Right Education Degree School near Woodhaven New York

school bus transporting Woodhaven NY studentsTeaching is a rewarding profession that provides an opportunity for educators to help develop young minds for their betterment and future success.  Having that kind of influence on adolescents and young adults is something that requires the proper education and training.  Make sure that when you are reviewing your education degree options that you ask the right questions so that you can make an informed comparison and final decision.  And once you have made your commitment and enrolled in a degree program, you can begin your journey to become a teacher in Woodhaven NY.

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